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Porsche Spyder


Tired of the same old, same old? 


Want something different that you don't have to build yourself?


Looking for something with a super rigid race proven platform from the worlds greatest sports car manafacturer, yet is very, very affordable?


Look no further.


Presenting the super pretty Autograph 924 Spyder - a modern slant on a timeless classic.


Built on a galvanised all steel body that has been stripped, stiffened and modified with a stripped engine (choice of 3).


The car will include new big end shells, new piston rings, head and oil cooler gaskets, induction kit and throttle response cams (where applicable), timing belts etc.


In additional it will be fitted with special lightweight doors, carbon fibre effect wing mirrors, special waterproof upholstery, push button start, new suspension components, new discs and pads, fully refurbished alloy wheels with new tyres (nitrogen filled), custom lights and rear valance, custom stainless exhaust etc.


This car will provide you with super fuel efficiency and true open top roadster fun.


Cars can be tailored to your own specification to give you a truly unique vehicle. We have a finished prototype for viewing so please get in touch if you would like to discuss further or arrange a viewing!


Prices start from only £10,995 

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